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TRAFFIC Domain Auction Review & Analysis

October 15th, 2011 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

The TRAFFIC Domain Auction and Conference
For years TRAFFIC has consistently showcased the best domains under live auction. Many exciting transactions have happened and this is where Moniker really got it’s feet wet in the major auction game. This year is a little different because bidding is only open to attendees (In previous years online bidders were able to participate) and Moniker is not running the auction. This was an effort to spice the overall event up and make it that much more exclusive. Based on the names they are offering and some of the reserves, if even a small number of sales go through, it will have met it’s goal. The full list of names is below.

What We Like, What We Don’t
There are a bunch of very strong names in this one so we looked at both the reserves AND the name to determine what was most attractive.
Some of our favorites: Reserve under $800,000 — High for a non-destination/Vaction city Reserve is too high for this I think (Reserve under $800,000) Just not enough travel value yet…good hold. & Reserve $1.5MM category killers Reserve $1MM – Love it at Any Price!!! Reserve under $4MM — Little too high I think but the city is an active marketer so…. No Reserve so very nice if it can be gotten for a steal. No Reserve My Nephews love this stuff and strong marketing support. The Plural isn’t as nice but still decent. No Reserve The Albums is redundant for us old-timers but nice niche and good market if can be gotten cheap.

The Stinkers
ALL the Baloney TLDs .co, .mobi and even most of the .tv domains. Do not belong in a premier auction platform. I will give the .xxx a pass because there was a stated focus on these. Lame Names. Good luck on a $10K reserve.
Most of the “i” domains Not much power with brandables.

The List
You can check out the all the event and details HERE but the Auction is taking place on October 18th and represents over $40MM in potential domain sales with just 120 lots. Here is the complete list of the domains with their reserves:

Domain Reserve Reserve under $25,000 Reserve under $10,000 NO RESERVE NO RESERVE Reserve under $50,000  
Rice.TV Reserve under $5,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $5,000 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $10,000 & Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $25,000 Reserve under $1,500 Reserve under $1,500 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $200,000 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $30,000 Reserve under $50,000 Reserve under $10,000  
Local.XXX NO RESERVE Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $10,000 NO RESERVE  
Juicy.XXX Reserve under $15,000 Reserve under $650,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $50,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $50,000 Reserve under $85,000  
Trading.TV Reserve under $12,500 NO RESERVE;; Reserve under $100,000 Reserve under $10,000  
Chatroom.XXX Reserve under $15,000 NO RESERVE NO RESERVE  
Hotties.XXX Reserve under $15,000 Reserve under $20,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $20,000 Reserve under $20,000 Reserve under $50,000 NO RESERVE  
Reserved for a Category Killer TBD Reserve Under $750,000 Reserve under $100,000  
Singles.XXX Reserve under $80,000 Reserve under $7,500 NO RESERVE Reserve under $40,000 Reserve under $10,000  
Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000 Reserve under $50,000  
Blondes.XXX Reserve under $50,000  
OUI.TV Reserve under $5,000 Reserve under $2,500 Reserve under $15,000 Reserve under $25,000 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve $3MM Reserve under $5,000  
Party.XXX Reserve under $60,000 Reserve under $3,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $125,000 Reserve under $30,000 Reserve under $25,000 Reserve under ???,000 Reserve under $3,500  
Virtual.XXX Reserve under $15,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $30,000 Reserve under $350,000 Reserve under $75,000 Reserve under $25,000 Reserve under $500,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $5,000 Reserve under $3,000 Reserve under $5,000 Reserve under $5,000 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $10,000 Reserve REDUCED under $275,000 Reserve under $30,000 Reserve under $50,000 (Chinese for Casino) NO RESERVE NO RESERVE Reserve under $10,000 Reserve under $10,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $5,000 Reserve under $35,000 NO RESERVE  
Orgy.XXX Reserve under $50,000  
Wet.TV Reserve under $6,000 Reserve under $10,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $70,000  
Adult Portfolio: Reserve $100,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $30,000 NO RESERVE Reserve under $35,000  
Men.Mobi NO RESERVE Reserve under $250,000 Reserve under $800,000 & Reserve under $20,000 Reserve under $100,000  
Stars.XXX Reserve under $100,000  
GreatBritain.TV NO RESERVE Reserve under $50,000 Reserve under $200,000 Reserve under $800,000 Reserve under $800,000 & Reserve $1.5MM Reserve $1MM Reserve under $4MM 

Stats for Latona’s Greg Abrams Auction

May 6th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

Greg Abrams’ Multi-reserve Auction of 105 Names
This auction is currently a change of pace from the other individual owner portfolio auctions. The 105 names avg a reserve of $814+ with a “reserve-only” value of $85+K. Should be intereseting to see how this auction does in the face of a switch from $1 to $800+. As we have mentioned in previous posts, we have picked up a few domains from Latonas in the past few weeks, many for a song.

Bigger Reserves = Better Names
Without a doubt, these names are much more solid overall than we have seen recently. And as well they should be. One of the downsides to this set is that less than half the names are .com TLDs, and the best keywords/terms are in .us. This makes the pricing much more aggresive than we expected. Our favorite of the entire list is, with a $500 reserve (The Auction’s Lowest). Although would take a little fancy footwork to develop with decent commerce opportunity while keeping in the spirit of the name-not impossible. For fans of single word .coms, there are a few to chose from in this list as well.

Close Look at the Numbers
If you are good at developing and can turn strong keywords into successful commerce sites, even with the handicap of a weaker tld (.us) there are some great domains in this list for you. Names like, and have a great tie-in to revenue streams. If you are only interested in .com, your choices for high search numbers are limited.

Global Searches per Month

Local (US Only) Search per Month

What About Ad Demand and Ad Revenue Potential?
As is usual, with high search figures, usually comes high demand. 8 out of 10 of the names in this auction have at lease 40% competition (Decent) and many of those or north of 75%. The rates those advertisers are paying are very high for quite a few of the terms. Again, with a good develop strategy, rather than a flip/branding one, you could make out ok.

Most Advertising Demand

Top Cost Per Click Domains

Overall Thoughts
The Latona Auctions have proven to attract a decent amount of buyers with checkbooks that can easily meet the reserve amounts for these names. We are also pleased to see the quality of names improve and expect to see a few decent sales. For the most part though, these names are too expensive for what the numbers show. Latonas is a reseller environment, with high value expectations and we just don’t see those values here. As mentioned earlier, if you are a developer and are able to select your names based on your strengths for content and partnerships/commerce, you could well afford to pick up some of these names and turn them into profitable enterprises. Good Luck.

All the Inventory

Statistics on Latona’s Geo/Tourism Names

May 3rd, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

Latona’s Geo Auction is at Hand
The gang at Latona’s is kicking off this week with a Geo/Tourism oriented domain auction. There are a few changes to be aware of before you start bidding. It looks like the week long format is here to stay. The Rick Latona email outlined that fact so don’t expect to see 24 hour auctions any time soon. These names also have a $100 reserve–not $1 so expect the action to be less than we have seen. (Although maybe not–decent names will always get the bids!!!)

Inventory Listing
Latona’s has always had a decent handle on Geo Names so we had high expectations. All these names are .com EXCEPT for 1, Statistics will push that name to the top of many of our charts so it will be interesting to see what kind of ratios a .mobi can do for a .com that would be easily valued at six-figures. Many of the names are east coast geos; Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island etc. We have our eyes on a few but you will have to just wait for the end of the auction to see what they are!

All Domains

How Big Are They?
Other than, there are no huge numbers for this set. Most are long-tail names with “Cheap” or “Hotel/Motel/Inn” incorporated so the search numbers are watered down a little bit. Once you get past the top 20 or so, they sink below 1000/mo. Our Favorites are in this group.
Exact Search-Global

Exact Search-Local

Show Me the Money
One of the benefits of the long-tail names is the lift in average CPC numbers. You will notice that for well over 50% of the names command more than $1 per click, good rates in the current PPC environment. In addition, the ad demand is pretty high overall as well.

CPC Averages

Ad Demand

Happy Hunting Bidders, please let us know your thoughts and if you are looking for more/different statistics. Cheers.

Stats for Latona’s Kaziyev $1 Reserve Auction

April 29th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

The Hits Keep on Coming
Got to give the Latona Auction group credit. They keep coming at you with long lists of $1 reserve auctions. The fact that they have moved to 7 days rather than 24 hours has taken some of the juice out of the format but still a tremendous opportunity for finding a bargain. This list of names comes from Steven Kaziyev, a regular customers of Rick Latona’s and regular at TRAFFIC events in New York. Steven is offering up 156 names for sale in this auction.

Numbers Summary
Some of these domains might have some branding and long-term appeal but the numbers for the vast majority do not look very good. The exact search figures dip below 1000 after only a dozen or so names and advertiser demand seems to be very limited. One of the names we were a little interested in “” seems to be an interesting misnomer(or less popular) term for “Gravy Boats”–but at the time of this writing the bidding had already reached $276–way more than we would have pegged it’s upper value to be. On the positive side all these names are .coms so there isn’t a need to weigh the value of various TLDs into you bid decision.

Looking at the Numbers
Top Searches

Top CPC Averages

High Ad Demand

The Entire List of Names
The Entire List of Names

Stats Behind the Milan Traffic Auction

April 28th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

TRAFFIC Auction Analysis
As usual, the Milan TRAFFIC auction Latona’s has put together has a great list of names up for auction. That being said, many also come with very significant bid minimums…but you knew that. :) Full disclosure: We also have one name in the auction… if you are interested, check it out!

Getting Right into the Stats
Let get right to the heart of the matter, and that is the stats themselves. The auction is going on now so you need to act fast.
There are just over 200 names in the auction so going through it is pretty manageable. As you might expect, there are quite a few European ccTLDs in the mix as well as decent Geos to go along with the great keywords.

High Search Volume-All
Here we are only highlighting the EXACT searches with a million or more per month. Very nice list. You do have to filter through the different TLDs but still something nice to build upon.

High Search Volume-COM Only

What are the Advertisers Paying?
The finanace and loan names are the highest by far but based on much of the search volume, the revenue opportunities are still very significant.

The Full List
Have fun hunting though all these great options. Cheers!

New! Stat Summary for Latona’s Hayward $1 Reserve Auction

April 20th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

New Stats for a New Auction
Rick Latona has been at it again. This time he was able to team up with Edwin Hayward to put another $1 auction together. Over 80 strong domains with only a handful of non .com domains are in the mix. It looks as if maybe the $1 reserve will continue if he is able to get some of this domainer friends to provide the inventory. The reserves continue to be expect to rise soon but we welcome the delay. To date, the sales numbers have been pretty good compared with many of the other auction platforms out there. We hope for continued success…(if only to keep the $1 reserves coming)

Top Exact Keyword Searches

New Inventory
As expected, the global and local search numbers are very nice for just about all the names listed. Hyphen Domains (which are close to SEO invisible) share the top of the list with non .com domains and a few nice 4 “number” .orgs. All seven different domains listed above have exact match keyword searches ABOVE 100K per month! Those are some numbers to build a site around.

Advertising Potential & Demand?
This list does deliver the goods when it comes to this category. Twenty domains (just about 25%) of the entire inventory is maxed out in terms of advertiser demand.

Time to Get your Bid On!
As a reminder, these auction only last 24 hours so you will need to act fast if you want to take one of these babies home. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you have had a chance to make any bids..and win? Prices are good now but like last time, will spike at the end of the auction so stay vigilant. As an incentive, a few from previous $1 reserve auctions have been able to sneak by with very low winning bids.Latona’s Hayward $1 Auction
All the Inventory w/Stats

Examining Latona’s 4-15 Domain Auction w/Stats

April 15th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

New Auction Alert!
Earlier this week, Latona’s lauches a new daily auction format that Rick Latona, The founder of Latona’s Auctions, hopes to reinvigorate the domain auction landscape. With a domain interest based mailing list of 15K (According to Latona’s) they were able to make quite a splash with their first auction. Another technique they used was to put $1 reserves on the names to help drive bidding and interest. It worked, the forums and blogs are filled with news of the auctions and based on some of the early sales data, it has been a success. Over $70K in the first auction alone.

Don’t Expect Many More $1 Reserves
The $1 reserves is a gimmick that won’t stand up as those were their own inventory and there is a $200 min. fee for anyone wanted to sell via the auction moving forward. There has been one exception to that and that is the auction we will be looking at today. Latona’s has teamed up with Richard Whitney to provide another 100 names for sale with $1 reserves.

Top Searches

The Inventory
Like the first two auctions, there are some very nice names in the mix. There are a few different TLDs but the majority are .com and are keyword rich.,,, and top the list of most popular searches, all with over 50 exact searches a month.

Are the Keywords in Demand?
Check them out for yourself. Quite a few of these rate at 100% for ad popularity for Google.,,,, and to name a few.
Top Ad Competition Domains

Lots of Great Bargains…At this Point
These auctions run for only 24 hours and as usual, the prices begin to pick up as they begin to close but take a look now and get your proxy bids in early to ensure you at least have a chance to grab a choice name at a bargain rate price. Latona’s Whitney Auction

All the Inventory w/Stats, SecurityDevelopers & more on Act Now!

April 7th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

Great Chance for Quality Names
Another set of domain auctions is coming up on and these you do not want to miss. These are premium names that will likely go at a great price. Some of the names like and are THE Keywords for entire industries. In addition there are product and e-commerce options as well. Do a little research and digging and you will find just how many options these names provide.

These names all start around 1pm on the date listed but the auctions only last for one hour! So get you bids in early and Bid Now!

Click on the Domain to be Taken directly to the Bidding

Thursday, 4/8

Friday, 4/9

Monday, 4/12 on Auction Today!

April 6th, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

We have another domain on auction today. This is a keyword rich option for anyone looking to generate traffic or an e-commerce solution. This domain is up for auction on the auction platform. Bids start at less than $30, and will likely go for a bargain. Please check out the auction as it gets started at 1:00pm. Only lasts and hour so get you bids in early!

Auction Link: Auction TODAY 3/31!, &

March 31st, 2010 by Admin in Domain Sales & Auctions

We are going down the Bido platform again as we have had some success with it in the past. Here we are offering s few great names at what are likely to be very good deals. All three of these domains are up for auction on the auction platform. With starting bid levels at less than $30, these will go for a bargain. Please check out the auction as it gets started just after 1:00pm. Only lasts and hour so get you bids in early!

Auction Link:
Auction Link:
Auction Link: