Our Latest Hand Regs

Written on Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 11:26 am by Admin

UPDATED 11/16/2015

This page highlights samples of some of our latest regs. We hope to give you a little insight into the motivation behind why we did regged them. You will notice that some of the names are not keyword or branding specific because sometimes, we just like a name or we are doing some testing etc… We are always eager to hear suggestions and thoughts. These names are always for sale (aren’t they always?) so if interested send us an email and lets do a deal. (Admin@FreshAvails.com)

Latest Regs

FairfaxHealth.org This was grabbed to compliment our holding of the .com version. Fairfax represents over 1MM residents just outside of the DC metro area. In addition, Fairfax has cities and locations around the globe so we feel it would be valuable as a brand for the ever growing health industry.

FairfaxCloud.com Can you tell we like the Fairfax prefix? This just happened to be a nice tech based brand that has applications for multiple types of business. Love it!

CustomTelescopes.com Nice two word product keyword name with affiliate and market potential. Plan is to go after the manufacturing folks and distribution channels for direct end user sale. In the meantime, will see if I can’t put together a simple site with affiliate income.

FluffyBlanket.com Ahh, doesn’t that make you feel all soft and warm inside? Picked this on up after seeing an article with a quote from a college student mentioning the feeling of a fluffy blanket. Thought it was worth a shot and it might also have a nice extension as a brand for a blog or something. Thoughts?

We would love to here your thoughts AND your own regs. Tell us your insights. Post a comment right here. Cheers!

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